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Enrollment Process

We have easy steps to enrolling a student at Little Einsteins Spanish School

  1. Review & Investigate Little Einsteins
    Feel free to use our website, Facebook page, and online support to learn more about Little Einsteins and if it is a good fit for your family.
  2. Tour & Meeting
    One of Little Einsteins’ goals is to build a community between our families. Therefore, our first admission policy is to schedule a tour with every family applying to our program. We do so as a way to exchange and share important information and values and most importantly, so that both parties are comfortable and confident that Little Einsteins is the best fit for their family. We will not accept any child into a group without conducting our enrollment process.
  3. Enrollment Package
    Once a family and Little Einsteins have reached a decision, the family will receive an enrollment package. All forms must be completed entirely and submitted along with any relevant documents e.g. immunization records, medication authorization forms, etc. This must all be completed prior to the child's start date. No child will be able to start the program with an incomplete file.

    Please click to download the enrollment Forms below:

  4. Welcoming and Financials
    Once Enrollment Package has been received, we will send out an introductory email with specifics about billing and what items need to be brought to school daily. Our billing system goes directly through our CPA and invoices will be sent out as specified in Agreement forms.

Fill out the request a tour link located at the bottom of this page

**Disclaimer: Please be aware that Little Einsteins Spanish School is a private instructional service and is in no way affiliated with any scholastic board, and operates on a first come first served basis. In order to enable the immersion environment to operate, we must reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Thank You!